Why Use Games in the Classroom?

· Games are fun. They create excitement and evoke interest on the part of the students. Students to actively participate
in the learning process -- as players rather than spectators.

· Games individualize the learning process, promoting independence and enabling students to work at their own rate of
speed and at the appropriate academic level.

· Games are self-rewarding and self-reinforcing.

· Games foster cooperation among students. Through the establishment of closer interpersonal relationships, a sense of
community can develop.

· Games allow for movement and activity. They introduce an important element of variety in methodology and allow for a
more informal classroom atmosphere.

· Games free teachers to work with small groups or with individual students who require special help
and encouragement.

The games on this page are ready for you to download and print. For many more formats and content focu, search the Teacher Center's online catalog: www.jecc.org/teachercenter (items in the catalog may be ordered by contacting the JECC). Let us know how we can be of assistance.

Sources: The Lively Jewish Classroom: Games and Activities for Learning, Rita Kopin, A.R.E., 1980; The Jewish Instructional Games Book, Ronald H. Isaacs, B.J.E., Cleveland, 1986; The Ultimate Jewish Teacher’s Handbook, Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz, A.R.E. Publishing, Inc. 2003.

Multipurpose games that can be downloaded and printed:

Aim for a Strike


Game of Four מִשְׂחָק שֶל אַרְבַּע