Big Books in the Classroom

Reading is one of the greatest sources of input for learning a new language. (Barnett, 1989)
Big books typically use predictable texts, allowing readers to use their prior knowledge to identify words that come
next in a sentence, as well as rhythm, rhyme, and repetition, all of which aid word recognition and identification.

The Teacher Center at the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland has a variety of big books.
These big books are great to:
  • Integrate more literacy into your program
  • Stimulate learning through seeing, hearing, and doing
  • Reinforce skill themes.
  • Add more fun to your reading program!

Below are samples of our many big books, please let us know which books you'd like to order!
These big books are available in different sizes, 8.5"x11" and 11"x17" (see order form) and many
are interactive - the text and pictures are printed separately to make sharing the story an interactive experience with your students.
The order form is included below, fax the order form to 216.371.2523 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!
*Cleveland Teachers: Call or email us for the Cleveland prices.

Order Form

Teacher Center Big Books

Please note that these pdf's show only a black and white sample of our books.
After selecting the book you'd like, fax the order form to 216.371.2523 or
email us at and we'll send you the full-color book.
See the order form above for pricing (laminating and binding not included).